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modif [technique, provider] → de sécurité file sociale; [reform, expenses] → des providers de santéhealth treatment employee n → membre mf des services de santéhealth centre n (British) → centre m médicosocialhealth Check out n (= assessment) → visite f médicale; (additional complete) → bilan m de santéhealth club n → club m de remise en formehealth-aware [ˈhɛlθkɒnʃəs] adj → soucieux/euse de sa santéhealth consume n → boisson f énergisantehealth schooling n → éducation f pour la santéhealth farm n → établissement m de remise en formehealth food n → aliment m diététiquehealth foods shop (British) health foods store (US) n → magasin m de produits diététiques

Lifeless Dog within the Still left isn’t simply a documentary about using ecstasy in treating PTSD, it’s a Tale from the lengths a single previous maritime will check out for friendship

1. the state of currently being nicely or unwell. He is in superior/lousy health. gesondheid صِحَّه здраве saúde zdraví die Gesundheit sundhed; helbred υγεία, φυσική κατάσταση salud tervis تندرستی terveydentila santéבריאות स्वास्थ्य zdravlje egészség kesehatan heilsa salute 健康状態 몸의 상태 sveikata būt pie labas/sliktas veselības kesihatan gezondheidhelse, helbredzdrowie روغتيا ، جوړتيا ، تندرستى saúde sănătate здоровье zdravie zdravje zdravlje hälsa, hälsotillstånd สุขภาพ sağlık 健康 здоров'я صحت کا حال tình trạng sức khỏe 健康

I make certain a portion of two hundred-300g of meat (chicken/pork/beef) for lunch and dinner Each individual, coupled with potatoes/rice and various veggies. I do drink a protein shakes immediately after periods 1,2&four. I don’t usually force my physique to your limit because I've a history of back again injury sustained during my nationwide service (Military). I have cracked my back for executing also heavy of the deadlift and squats. Suffered a rigid neck by performing a significant overhead presss.

Clinician shortages, time and cost pressures, and enhanced individual demands generate several issues for health companies trying to further improve individual encounters and results.

As far as ailments went, Uncle Horace was like an insatiable gardener confronted by a seedsman’s catalogue. He experienced only to receive information of an untried specimen to have a go at it —Howard Spring

five. (modifier) of or concerning meals or other products reputed being advantageous towards the health: health food stuff; a health shop.

Im 175cm, 64kg (~140lb) and virtually stayed precisely the same pounds these past two months with a bit modify to my human body composition. My lifts have all enhanced quite a bit (tripled squat, doubled OHP etcetera) also but I'm now discovering it tougher to raise the fat just about every exercise session. Should really I be on the lookout to boost my calories?

Environment Bathroom Day highlights world-wide sanitation crisis Poor countries throughout the world are going through a perilous lack of toilets that puts millions of Dwell at risk, In keeping read more with campaigners marking Planet...

I'm over a rigorous schedule because of the temperature where I Reside. I only work out 3 times weekly. To start with will be bench with support get the job done and the following day will be deadlift with help perform. Normally after every week for each exercise I do overhead press. Idolize the overhead push because it enhances your All round other lifts, but I am wondering on a stringent timetable a result of the weather conditions receiving snowier where I Reside.

1a : the condition of getting seem in entire body, intellect, or spirit She is the image of health. Specifically : liberty from physical disorder or agony nursed them back again to health b : the general affliction of the body How is your mother's health?

(hɛlθ) n. 1. the overall issue of the human body or brain with reference to soundness and vigor: in poor health. 2. soundness of physique or thoughts; freedom from illness or ailment: to lose a person's health.

Diabetes Consciousness Month: The past, current and way forward for diabetic issues procedure New developments in diabetes remedy are producing the condition simpler to Dwell with.

Dips 3x5 (my purpose will be to enhance the reps, I am unable to do several fantastic dips at a person go. My shoulders and hands harm)

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